American Outdoor Structures provides VALUE that is hard to find in the construction industry. Our goal is to lead the industry in construction when it comes to barndominiums. We offer custom design, financing, shell only build, or the full build of your turnkey barndominium. We’re able to do this by bringing on the best teams. We have financing for your entire build, drafting, and our build department, and they all communicate with one another to ensure a streamlined process for your build. We’re always growing to further accommodate the client experience. When you fill out the form below, we will get you call scheduled with one of our build consultants who will walk you through our process and answer any questions you might have. After the call, you’ll be informed on next steps, whether it’s talking to financing, getting questions answered, or moving forward with custom blueprints and then your build! An important note about our blueprint process: We provide MEP’s, structural files, foundational sets, and if needed, stamped and sealed. Our goal is to always be one step ahead in the industry. When you buy plans from us, PLEASE read the fine print. Most plans online are just design concepts and don’t include what’s needed to build. There’s more! We provide FREE revisions to your plans to ensure they’re within budget and what you get pre-qualified for through financing. Let’s get started on your dream barndominium today!



We want to provide our clients with a concise overview of what goes into pricing a custom barndominium build. You can choose to purchase our barndo shells that includes installation of the shell and have your local contractor of your choosing finish the build, or finish the build yourself. You can also choose us to build out your entire project. Our TURNKEY pricing structure typically ranges from $200 to $250 per square foot. It’s essential to note that this range allows for flexibility, as certain features may not be applicable to your specific needs, ultimately reducing the overall cost. The specifics regarding finishes, appliances, and accessories will be thoroughly discussed with your general contractor once the blueprints are completed.

To get the a true, accurate estimate, we recommend purchasing custom plans through us. However, we’re able to get very close to a true estimate prior to that process. We understand that purchasing custom plans is a big commitment, so we’ve offered estimates at $50 that you can apply to the purchase of custom blueprints plus a personal conversation when your estimate is done with our General Contractor to discuss your build.


● Excavation
● Temporary driveway (if applicable) and permanent driveway
● Land clearing
● Septic tank and installation
● Well drilled/Water Hookup
● Electric ran to House
● Foundation prep and installation
● Permits
● General contractor fee
● Labor & materials
● Survey
● Steel, Stick, Or Post Frame and installation
● Finishes: Light fixtures, cabinet hardware, faucets, ect. (you pick these keeping
in mind whether you pick high end finishes or low end changes the price per
square foot drastically one way or the other)
● Garage: Finished or unfinished
● Cleaning of job site Interior and Exterior
● Dumpster
● Plumbing
● Electrical
● Paint/Trim/Flooring
● Cabinet & counter tops in Kitchen and bathrooms
● Insulation
● Finishes work for interior walls (sheet rock, shiplap, wood ect)
● Porches/decks/Covered Porches
● Indoor Fireplace
● Outdoor fireplace
● Outdoor kitchen
● Appliances/Windows/Doors interior & exterior


We do have the option for a DIY build.

We can install the shell of the building and you complete the rest of the work without us.