Perhaps you are looking for something a bit more basic, while still creating that restful appeal. Look no further than this classic piece. This pavilion is simple, beautiful, and fashioned in a manner that will never go out of style.

Make it the meeting place of your new book club or invite the guys over for a grill-off after golf – this noble pavilion will add class and excitement to all your backyard activities.

Enjoy this wooden piece in your backyard garden or near a beautiful lake – it will never cease to please the viewer or the guest.

This simple wood pavilion is sturdy, classy and designed for any space or gathering. Whether you want to have a pool party or light it up for an evening event, this pavilion is always a great host.

If you’re looking for a bit of elegant flair to add to your garden, this bell roof vinyl is the perfect fit for you.

With its gentle curve and alluring little window top, this roof is an invitation to be enchanted. Fill it with evening lights and you are sure to create a hotspot for any evening entertainment.

No one knows your space better than you. Because we understand this, we’ve created a customized feature allowing you to create the pavilion of your dreams in a few simple steps.

To begin, determine the amount of space you are working with. Then choose a stain or paint, the posts of your choice, and the roof and roofing materials you prefer.

Enjoy the perfect pavilion, easily created with your own personal flair.

Who doesn’t want the feel of a sweet beachside hut? Use this charming escape to store canoes and kayaks by the lake, or fill it with beach chairs and rest from the sun at your oceanfront property.

Sturdy like all of our pavilions and with a roof to protect from rain and excessive sunlight, this pavilion will live up to its name and be a grand escape from the trials of your everyday life.

Who knows your space better than yourself? We’ve created this feature so that you can get exactly what you want. Customize your pavilion with a range of sizes from 10×10 to 20×36.

After you’ve determined the amount of space you have, enjoy selecting the perfect color and matching up your favorite posts with a rooftop of your choice.

The name of this pavilion is so fitting as it screams to be decorated with wreaths, ornaments and tinsel as an alternate gathering place during the busy holiday season.

A paneled side allows for privacy while still providing air flow through the ornate openings on top. A space that is sure to be enjoyed in merriment all year long, would truly be a gift to anyone who visits!

Available in pressure treated pine, cedar and rough-sawn cedar.

Accept no compromises with a majestic timber framed pavilion from N.E. Outdoor! Every element of our timber framed pavilions play a role in the majestic quality you would expect from this type of structure.

You’re going to love the look of real wood!

For a more trendy look, the Caribbean Pavilion replaces the traditional post braces with bold and wide columns. This design is the perfect starting place for an exquisite outdoor retreat area or an area with an outdoor fireplace!

The Montford is an upscale pavilion with an excellent post, overhang, and roof pitch proportions. The design allows for large post-to-post spans, giving a wide airy feel. Choose the Montford Pavilion for a formal-feeling entertainment area. Plus with an added outdoor fireplace, it will be sure to impress your family and friends.

For something a bit higher class, the Cheyenne wood pavilion increases the dimensions of the post size, roof overhang, and more. These design elements give this pavilion a stronger look and feel, while creating a welcoming environment.

Standing head and shoulders above your average outdoor pavilion, the Kingston Timber Frame Pavilion is a riveting expression of mankind’s love for the beauty of natural wood. The iconic kingpost timber frame truss design exudes strength and character.

The pavilion is designed to complement a scenic outdoor area—perfect for large gatherings and weddings.

The Denali Timber Frame Pavilion contains more than meets the eye. When combined with the magnificence of the exposed post and beams, the distinctive hammberbeam split-truss design endues this little structure with a truly enormous spirit.

Whether in your backyard or business, the hammer beam will provide you with a lasting, spacious, and satisfying experience.

Are you drawn to timber frame designs that are unique and multifaceted? The Grand Teton Timber Frame Pavilion incorporates a graceful arched rib, held with powder-coated strapping, giving the truss system a stately and stylish feel.

This greathearted design is ready to accommodate family, friends, guests, and/or events in any setting. Ready to get started? Get a quote today!